Our advanced manufacture facilities enable us to provide customer’s any stone needs.


36 units

Wheelers Hill

42 units

Designed to allow maximum light into small spaces, these brilliantly designed units were complimented with a range of stone kitchen benchtops provided by Bosoar Stone. Seeking a cost effective solution, the project planners valued Bosoar’s ability to deliver quality faux stone products, each with custom cutouts for the sinks, taps and other kitchen appliances.

Caulfield North

24 units

Bosoar Stone worked with project developers to offer a range of off the plan kitchen solutions, ranging from full premium marble and stone options to cost effective compound product choices. With a set number of design layouts available, Bosoar was able to ensure each custom piece was delivered on time and according or specification.

Box Hill

42 units


30 units

The use of stone products in both the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor areas has become popular due to the longevity and quality these solutions offer. Bosoar was able to provide a custom matched solution to each unit, ensuring the design theme was retained throughout.


8 units

Designers of these wonderful, vibrant water fronted units chose Bosar Stone to provide a sleek, high end entry way to this development. Bosoar delivered each piece cut precisely to specification, on time and on budget.